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About CROA

CROA is a data reporting tool that has the ability to provide role-based dashboards. Power users will have the ability to create their own reporting dashboards NOTE: Data in CROA is not real time. Data is updated daily at 9am, 1pm, 5pm, and 9pm

Logging into CROA

Login to CROA with your ursinus ID at

If you are unable to access CROA and feel that you have a need to, please contact

Navigating CROA

  1. When logging into CROA the first time, you will be on the "Home" page.  The "Home" will have value later on once you have worked more in CROA

  2. Click on the "Documents" page, located directly to the right of "Home"
  3. Once you are on the "Documents" page, at the bottom left, click on "Folders" to open the menu
  4. Click on the "+" (plus sign) beside "Public Folders" to open the folder.  NOTE: You can also double click on "Public Folders" to open/close it.
  5. Click on the "+" (plus sign) beside "Ursinus College" to find already developed Ursinus Reports

Logging off

With CROA containing sensitive information, make sure to log off, by clicking on the "Log Off" link located at the top right of every page