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This page is meant to provide useful links related to EI staff and it's clients.  Useful links for students, faculty and staff can be found off of the college homepage.

ADP HR - Payroll, Time off, Benefits Enrollment


Blue Test

Course Evaluation Software

Campus Map

CMS link for editors

public URL 

Campus Web

Campus Web is used for many small custom developed web applications

Additional Examples

CROA (Colleague Reporting and Operating Analytics)


A data reporting tool built on SAP Business Objects that has the ability to provide role-based dashboards. Power users will have the ability to create their own reporting dashboards

NOTE: Data in CROA is not real time. Data is updated daily at 9am, 1pm, 5pm, and 9pm

CROA Admin Areahttp://cornelius:8080/BOE/CMC

Colleague Self Service URLS

Colleague Self Service (direct login)

Colleague Self Service SSO

Dev Colleague Self Service (direct login)

LiveSim Colleague Self Service (direct login)

Most users access Self Service features via the Grizzly Gateway but it is accessible directly

Colleague Admin URLS

Production Colleague - Admin Area

Dev Colleague - Admin Area

LiveSim Colleague - Admin Area

Colleague - Course Catalog Production

Test Course Catalog

EMS (Event Management System)

Embark - Museum Software

This is a network location to install Embark


Users will also need QuickLink to view images

S:\Share\IT Private\_Administrative Computing\Embark

Gallery Systems - EmbARK Support <>

Support -


Gitea is our on premise GIT based code repository
Grizzly GatewayUrsinus campus portal

Kayako (staff sign in)

Kayako (clients)

Our LIT ticketing solution
MaxientStudent conduct system



Ursinsus's application hub where users can get access to email, calendar, canvas, colleague, and additional office 365 applications

Papersave - Sharepoint frontend

Papersave - Non Sharepoint frontend (only in IE)

Enterprise Information Sharepoint (Office 365 Ursinus)

SAP Universe Design Tool

The CROA / SAP Universe Design Tool is a desktop application

UDT - Installation and Connecting


Slate Admin Area

SSRS (Sql Server Reporting Services)A list of prebuilt administrative reports that provide real time data
UC Intranet (Old Sharepoint)

Ursinus Website - Faculty and Staff pageprovides a list similar to this of popular pages
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