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Open CROA with link below: (If you get a prompt to update Java- DO NOT DO!!!!!)



1. Opening screen.  Click on ‘Documents’


2. Documents Screen;  Click on ‘Folders’


3. Expand ‘Public Folders’ and then ‘Ursinus College’


4. Expand your department’s folder – For example: ‘Financial Aid’


5. In the your folder you will see the reports available for you.  Double click on the report.


6. The report will run.  The data for the report is updated every 4 hours.  You can refresh the report by clicking on the refresh button.


  • To print the report click on the printer icon. Click on ‘Open’ and you will see it in PDF format where you can print the report. 
  • The other option is to export it to Excel and then print it out from Excel.
  • To export the report click on the export button’ drop down arrow.


You have 3 choices. You can choose ‘Export Document As’ if your report has more than one tab.  You choose ‘Export Current Report As’ to export the report you see on the screen.  For both of these options you can then choose ‘Exel 2007’ as the format.  You choose ‘Export Data to CSV…’ if you want to see all the data and it will not be formatted like the report.