Describe when someone would need this information. For example "when connecting to wi-fi for the first time".

Adding Questions

Question Types

Qualtrics has many question types available for you to use to create a powerful survey.  Common question types will be listed under "Standard Questsion", such as "Multiple Choice", "Text Entry", and "Sliders".  You can also use questions for other purposes, for example if you want to display informational text, you can use "Descriptive Text", or if you need to display an image, you can use "Graphic"


Additional Question Type Details

Copy, Move, and Delete Questions

Display Logic

Use display logic if you only want a question to show under certain conditions.

Skip Logic

Use skip logic if you want to skip several questions under certain conditions (e.g. skip to the end of the survey if they answer “No” on Question 2).

Piped Text

Within a question or answer choice, you can pipe text in from other questions, answers, or from a Contact List.  For example, let’s say you asked participants what their favorite color is. In the next question, you want to ask them “Why is ___ your favorite color?” You can pipe in their answer choice by:


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