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Establish measures for the access, use, and protection of Ursinus College data and core systems.


Establish and maintain a working central repository containing the information required for the management and use of data stored. 


The Data Standards and Governance Committee was established to develop, document, and implement practices and usage standards for Ursinus College's core systems that store, feed, or use institutional data. 


The Data Standards and Governance Committee consists of representatives from across the college.  Membership will be drawn largely from offices with data acquisition, maintenance, and management responsibilities of core systems. Membership will be limited to keep the team functioning efficiently. As needed, temporary members will be called in to support and advise in their areas of expertise.


The responsibilities of the Data Standards and Governance Committee include, but are not limited to, the items listed in this section.

  • Document data standards and provide a central repository
  • Document process standards and provide a central repository
  • Develop data standards for all data items used across the Colleague system
  • Develop a glossary of terms related to Ursinus data
  • Develop and maintain a list of data stewards
  • Define the areas of responsibility for the access and management of the data
  • Implement campus policies to ensure compliance with federal laws related to data governance


The Data Standards and Governance Committee is responsible for the collection, development and documentation of standards to properly manage the data stored in Ursinus College Administrative Systems, Colleague and related systems. These standards are considered the college standards and shall be adhered to by everyone at Ursinus College.

Questions We Ask as a Committee

  1. What data is important to me, and how can I improve its usefulness?
  2. How can we improve our data working together?
  3. How can we leverage data to better understand the college and capture the opportunities it faces?
  4. What will we do?

The Questions

The four committee questions are an extension of Ursinus College's "Questions" as we look to improve what we do as a community.  More information on the Ursinus College questions can be found at

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