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Data and Analysis

  • To download a spreadsheet of all participant answers, click on the project and then Data and Analysis.
  • You can customize the spreadsheet on the screen by hovering over a column and clicking on the + button or by clicking on Tools in the right-hand corner and then Choose Columns.
  • To delete or hide columns you do not want to see, click on the column name and choose Hide Column.
  • You can download your data in three ways:
    • If you want to export the entire dataset, click on Export/Import, Export Data, and select
    • If you want to download the data as it appears on the Data and Analysis screen, click on Export/Import, Export Data, uncheck the box next to “Download All Fields” and select Download.
    • To just view one participant’s answers, click on the drop-down arrow in their row under Actions and click on View Response or Export to PDF.
  • Participants who have started and stopped a survey or only partially completed can be found under Responses in Progress in the top-right hand corner. To move these to the Recorded Responses, click on “Responses in Progress” and click on the Response ID to make sure it’s the correct response you want to close. Then check the box next to the response row and at the top left, click on “With Selected”. Then choose “Close”. Confirm by checking the box and choose “Close 1 response”. You can close multiple responses by checking the boxes next to all the responses you want to close or by Closing/Pausing Response Collection of the entire survey, which will close all partially completed responses.
  • You can add filters or under the Text tab, you can analyze qualitative data (this section is still a work in progress).


  • To create reports that summarize your data (e.g. 50% of participants answered Choice A on Question #1), go to the project and click on Reports.
  • Click on one of the questions on the left-hand side to see statistics in table and graph format. To add visualizations (e.g. a bar graph), click on Add Visualizations and choose the appropriate one on the right-hand side.
  • Once you have finished customizing your report, click on Reports Options > Export Report. Choose the format you want and all the questions you want to include in the report. Then select Export Pages.
  • You can also create reports under Printed Reports. However, collaborators will not be able to access these.

Share/Collaborate on Projects

  • To allow others to view and/or edit your projects, go to the homepage and click on the drop-down arrow next to the desired survey.
  • Choose Collaborate (Note: if that option is grayed out, it means you are not the original owner of the survey and cannot share it. You can ask the original owner to share it or make a copy of the survey and then share that one. Copies of surveys only include the survey questions and parameters, not any answers/results).
  • Type in the person’s email address (they must have logged in to Qualtrics at least once to appear here). Choose the permissions you wish to grant them by clicking on the appropriate checkboxes.
  • Click Save.

Copy Projects

  • Users can copy a project by going to the homepage, clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the desired survey, and choosing Copy Project. They now have a copy of all the project questions and they own the copy. Note: it does not copy over participant answers and analyses.
  • If the user needs to be the owner of the entire survey (answers and analyses included), they should contact Ruth Sprague.
  • FYI: If you copy a survey, it retains the old title in multiple places. There are three places you may need to update:
    • Rename the project by going to the Project list, clicking the dropdown arrow on the right-hand side, and choosing Rename Project.

  • Change the survey title that appears in the browser tab or window by going to Survey Options and changing the title under Survey Title.

  • Change the header that appears at the top of every page by going to Look and Feel and changing the header in the Header

Organize Projects

  • To organize your projects, you can go to the homepage and click on Add Folder.
  • Name your folder.
  • Return to All Projects and drag and drop projects into the appropriate folder.
  • If you ever have trouble finding a project, click on All Projects. Then use the Search Projects box on the top right to search by project name.
  • You can star your important projects and sort your projects a variety of ways (including by starred survey, project name, or owner).
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