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About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is built around the idea of making it easy to collaborate with anyone at the institution, whether it is in one to one situations or as part of a team.  Microsoft Teams provides collaboration tools such as chat, team chat, file sharing, phone calls, video calls, and screen sharing.

Downloading/Accessing Microsoft Teams

There are three ways to use Teams, 

  1. Use the desktop client (preferred method).  You can download Teams at
  2. Install "Teams" on your mobile phone from the Apple or Android App Store or at
  3. Access the web version of Microsoft Teaams via Office 365  ( or 

The advantage of using the desktop app and the mobile app jointly is that you will always have access to communications going on around you

Installing / Logging into Microsoft Teams

It is very important that when you first login to Microsoft Teams that you enter your Ursinus email address so that you can have full features and connected to the Ursinus community. (See screenshot)

If you mistakenly logged in as another account, you can go up to your account silouette and then choose "Sign out"  (See screenshot)

Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide

Intro to Microsoft Teams