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Adding Questions

  • To create a new question click on the " + Create a New Question" green button (see screenshot below)
  • If you click on the down arrow beside the " + Create a New Question" button you can specify the question type
  • Once a question has been added, you can hover over the question, click on it, and then on the top right, you can change the question type if desired.

Question Types

Qualtrics has many question types available for you to use to create a powerful survey.  Common question types will be listed under "Standard Questsion", such as "Multiple Choice", "Text Entry", and "Sliders".  You can also use questions for other purposes, for example if you want to display informational text, you can use "Descriptive Text", or if you need to display an image, you can use "Graphic"


Additional Question Type Details

  • A “Descriptive Text” question is used to provide information to participants in a header. They do not reply or answer this question.
  • A “Text Entry” question is a fill in the blank. When formatting the question, you can choose to make it a single line, multi-line, or essay text box (the only difference between these three is the size of the answer box), or a form with multiple questions and answer boxes.
  • To add a new question, either click on the green + icon that appears on the right-hand side before and after each question when you hover over it. Alternatively, you can scroll to the bottom and click on “Create a new question”.
  • Format your question by using the column on the right-hand side.
    • Under Choices, choose how many answer choices you want for that question.
    • Check the box next to “Automatic choices/statements/items” to see a list of popular answer choices. This will automatically input the answer choices for you. If you can’t find the answer choices you want to use, uncheck the box and type them in yourself.
    • Under Answers, choose “Multiple Answers” if you want to allow the participant to choose more than one answer. Click on “More” in this section for more options.
    • Under Validation Options, choose “Force Response” if you do not want to allow participants to skip questions.

Copy, Move, and Delete Questions

  • To copy a question, click on the question and on the right-hand side, choose “Copy Question”.
  • To move a question, click on the question and on the right-hand side, choose “Move Question”. Alternatively, you can choose the arrows on the left-hand side that appear once you hover over the question.
  • To delete a question, hover over the question and click on the red – icon.

Display Logic

Use display logic if you only want a question to show under certain conditions.

  • To use display logic, click on the question that should only show under certain conditions and on the right-hand side, choose “Add Display Logic”.
  • Set the conditions (e.g. Display only if Question 1 Answer Choice 1 is selected). Then click Save.
  • Do this for every question that should only show under certain conditions.
  • Preview your survey to test.

Skip Logic

Use skip logic if you want to skip several questions under certain conditions (e.g. skip to the end of the survey if they answer “No” on Question 2).

  • To use skip logic, click on the question and on the right-hand side, choose “Add Skip Logic”.
  • Set the conditions (e.g. If “No” is selected, then skip to Question 23). Then click Done.
  • If you do not skip to the end of the survey but to a specific question, participants will then continue answering the questions following that specific question (e.g. If the skip logic sends them to Question 23 because they answered “No”, they are then shown Question 23, 24, 25, etc. until the end of the survey).
  • Preview your survey to test.

Piped Text

Within a question or answer choice, you can pipe text in from other questions, answers, or from a Contact List.  For example, let’s say you asked participants what their favorite color is. In the next question, you want to ask them “Why is ___ your favorite color?” You can pipe in their answer choice by:

  • Clicking on the “Why is ____ your favorite color?” question text and putting your cursor where the answer choice should show (in this example, it would be between “is” and “your”).
  • Selecting “Piped Text”.
  • Choose Survey Question, then
    • If the original question is a multiple choice, choose “Selected Choices”.
    • If the original question is a text entry, choose the title of the question (e.g. What is your favorite color?). Do NOT choose Question text.
  • Qualtrics will create a code and place it in your question.
  • Preview your survey to test.


  • If you are creating a quiz or test and you want Qualtrics to score it automatically, you can do this by clicking on Tools > Scoring.
  • For each correct answer, put in a point value (e.g. Answer Choice 2 = 5 pts.). Leave the other answer choices blank (It will display a # symbol. This means the answer choice = 0 points).