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  1. Edit the survey and go to "Survey Flow"
  2. Click on "Add a New Element here" (see screenshot below)
  3. Select "Authenticator"


  1. Move the Question block(s) below the new Authentication block by selecting the Move icon and dragging it down to where the “Add a New Element Here” is displayed.

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  2. In the newly added "Branch on Successful Authentication Block, do the following
    1. Change the "Authentication Type" to "SSO"
    2. Uncheck the “Associate Respondent with Panel” box (unless you want to only allow
      people in a Contact List to take the survey. If so, check it and choose your Contact List).
    3. Change the "SSO Type" to "Shibboleth"
    4. Under Capture respondent identifying info”, click on "Add Embedded Data…"  (see screenshot below for example of finished settings)
      1. In the first field, type First Name and then FirstName (no spaces) in the box next to it.
      2. Click on the green + icon and type Last Name and then LastName (no spaces) in the box
        next to it.
      3. Click on the green + icon and type Email and then Mail (no spaces) in the box next to it.
        Image Added
  3. Click "Save Flow" at the bottom.
  4. Make sure to "Publish" your survey again after completing the above settings
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